Technical definition

Helix and Cast

As can be seen from the formula, the axial displacement (known as the Pitch or Helix) is determined by the diameter of a Cast and the diameter of the wire.
When freely turning, the following conditions must be met for there to be considered no residual voltage in wires with a diameter less than 5.00 mm: 


This is determined by the number of times a wire can be twisted back on itself before breaking.




Based on certain bend angle and bend radius parameters, the test determines the number of times the wire can be bent (at least) before breaking.



This is the reduction of the area at the breaking point, calculated as the ratio between the final and initial sections, expressed as a percentage.



This is a determining factor in the shape of round wires and it is indicative of the uniformity of the diameter. 
This is in addition to the diameter tolerance. 

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